Garage Pads & Flooring

For any garage pad, there’s much more work that goes into the making of the pad than you may think if you intend on it holding up against the harsh Edmonton climate. At Armored Concrete Services, we take pride in doing our due diligence during the preparation of every concrete poor to ensure our garage pads last the test of time.

We also prepare and finish concrete floors for shops, basements, warehouses, etc. All of our clients have the option of choosing how they want the floor stained, sealed, and designed.
Depending on the specific need of the client, we can slick the floor using a power trowel or we can also give you a rougher- nonslip surface.
All concrete flooring and garage slabs are built in accordance with the city of Edmonton specs.


Structures up to 55 sq m (592 sq ft) may be supported on a 100mm (4”) 32MPa concrete slab, or pressure-treated mudsill (minimum 4”x6” on compacted, drained gravel base on undisturbed earth).

Concrete foundation walls on strip footings placed a minimum of 1.2m (48″) below grade around the entire perimeter of the building.

Garage pads over 728 square feet must have an engineered drawing drawn up. Ask our team for advice.

Have a garage or workshop that requires concrete flooring? Armored Concrete is here to provide you with reliable and quality work that will stand the test of time. Contact us now to get your free estimate.

Do you want to build a new garage? It all begins with a solid foundation. 

Armored Concrete Services is a well-known name in concrete with years of experience in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Leduc, St. Albert, and Beaumont. 

We help guide you through the entire project, from concept to completion, from local regulations and planning to proper preparation and quality concrete mix.

Why Does Quality Matter?

One of the most important first steps is to lay a solid foundation for your garage pad. 

It serves as the foundation for your garage build and will later serve as the garage floor. A properly installed garage pad must support the weight of your vehicle, but it must also be resistant to various contaminants such as gasoline, antifreeze, and road salt.

We also understand how Edmonton’s weather affects your garage at Armored Concrete Services. With each winter’s intense freeze-thaw cycles, we know that proper ground preparation and concrete selection make a significant difference. 

With knowledge and experience in all aspects of the process, Armored Concrete Services ensures that you get a garage pad that will last as long as it does today in years.

Our Procedure

What constitutes a solid garage pad foundation? It’s all in the process at Armored Concrete Services:

  • Preparing the Site
  • Subbase and subgrade
  • Pouring concrete
  • sealing and curing

Let’s Get Started!

Concrete can be a complex material to work with, but we make every effort to do it correctly. Whatever your project, we’ll be there to provide the same level of care, effort, quality, and friendliness.


We can get you the quotes you need faster now that we have a full-time estimator on our team. We’ll finalize your quote within 24 hours, no matter what your job is. 

We’d be delighted to talk with you about your vision and needs and put together an estimate that works for you. Our appraisals are entirely non-binding, and we will be completely transparent about what you are paying for and how we operate.


We understand what is essential to our clients because we have genuine, down-to-earth employees. We take pride in responding to every inquiry within four business hours.


We ensure that every job is done correctly and is built to last. We make it a point always to include the same amount of care, effort, and quality in our work.