Whether it’s a commercial property or a residential property, cement staircases are used in almost every build. Our experience allows us to go to any job to revitalize, replace or build and install a new set altogether. With endless design options, our Concrete staircases are custom made to satisfy the property owner’s preference; they last a lifetime and require little maintenance to keep them looking new.

 Just like any of our other concrete services, our concrete stairs are custom to your preference.

We offer:

– Stamped pattern steps,
– colored steps,
– engraved steps,
– exposed aggregate finishes,
– intricately sawed or grooved patterns,
– Stained steps,

Armored Concrete is experienced and ready to supply you with a unique staircase to revitalize your outdoor living space or a standard staircase that you can depend on for your commercial properties. Your options are endless when you work with us.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for concrete stairs. We can, of course, construct your bespoke concrete stairs in situ in addition to providing precast concrete stairs with a speedy turnaround from order placement to delivery.

The following are typical examples of concrete stairways:

  • Gardens and outdoor living spaces
  • Houses with two levels
  • Commercial structures
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Pools for swimming
  • Apartment complexes

Concrete stairs are superior to other materials for access solutions for various reasons. The main advantage is, of course, their strength and durability. 

They will not only withstand a heavy load, but they will also be able to withstand weather conditions without rotting and last for decades without needing repair. They can be crafted to create a beautiful aesthetic feature tailored to your bespoke requirements.

Our staircases are built in place, resulting in the best possible result due to our tailoring to maximize the effect of the end product through our unique and clever use of the available space, lighting, and living area.

Concrete staircases can then be finished in a virtually limitless number of materials, including marble, wood, carpet, and tiles, to name a few!

    Armored Concrete Services has been supplied for the following projects:

    • Residential properties, both new and old
    • Projects for renovation
    • New commercial ventures
    • Building/apartment entrance stairs
    • Stairs and steps, both internal and external
    • Apartment complexes
    • Administrative structures
    • Municipal buildings, offices, and schools
    • Stairs to the swimming pool

    The Benefits of Concrete Staircases 

    If you’re wondering you should use concrete instead of another material, consider this:

    Another appealing feature is that concrete stairs are fire resistant and transmit movement vibrations very minimally compared to a block of wood and steel structure.

    If you are thinking about installing concrete steps, please contact us right away so we can go over your options and prices.

    Stairs Made of Concrete

    Armored Concrete Services‘ specialty is concrete staircases. We have been installing them and assisting in their unique, bespoke design process over the years.

    Here are some arguments to help you make your decision:

    • Concrete is a versatile material that can be used both inside and outside and is flood resistant.
    • It can withstand a tremendous amount of strain.
    • It’s fire-resistant and can be shaped into a variety of shapes.
    • It is a very cost-effective solution.
    • There are numerous design options available, including exquisite and classical designs.
    • Concrete handrails can also be installed to complement and complete a modern aesthetic.
    • We collaborate with an architect and a builder on projects where both are present.

    If you’d like to talk about what’s possible for your project, please give us a call right away. 

    We serve in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Leduc, St. Albert, and Beaumont.

    We can also answer your questions about pricing and how long it will take to complete your project.